Are you looking for a way to increase the visits to your website? I am sure you are. That is what all of us are looking for, don´t we?

I discovered Pinterest a year ago, and I have to admit that it is an excellent way to increase your traffic organically. If you don´t have money to spend on Google Ads or Social Media Ads Pinterest is a social media platform you should start using.

Follow these simple steps to start driving traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

1.- Sign Up and Create a Business Account on Pinterest.

You can learn how to do it following this link: Creating your account.


2.-  Install Rick Pins for your site.

If you don´t know how to do it follow the instructions on this website: Enable Rich Pins for your site.


3.- Complete your profile.

Use relevant keywords for your brand on your description and if you are a blogger try to use a picture of yourself on your profile instead of your logo.

Make sure you also include a link to your blog or website.


4.- Create your first board.

You can call your first Board ¨The best of [your brand]”, and on this board, you should share all your blog post. Do not save other people pins on this board.


5.- Let’s create 7 boards more.

Create 7 board with topics that are relevant to your brand, and do not forget to write a description for this boards using important keyword related to the subject of the board.


6.- Design the cover of your boards. Do not use text on the cover, just a beautiful picture related to the topic of the board.


7.- Start creating pins for your boards.

For instance, you can start creating 15 pins for each board while you learn what works best for your brand.


8.- On your website add a Pinterest Share Button to make easy for people to repin from your website. And also add a Pinterest Follow Button to your blog.


9.- Find the leaders of your niche and start following them. Also, begin repining content from others, that way you will get noticed.


10.- Start to follow other people on Pinterest, this will help you to get more followers.


11.- Link Pinterest to your other social media accounts and promote your Pinterest profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


12.- Join Group Boards.

Once you have everything ready and your Pinterest Profile looks fantastic, you can start looking for group board related to your brand.

A group board is a board owned by one person who adds other collaborators to this board. All of them can pin on that board.

Group Board are mighty on Pinterest, some of them have millions of hungry followers ready to read content every day.

To find the best boards for your niche I recommend you to go and check what groups board the influencers on your niche have joined.

You can also use this website to find group boards:

And of course, you can create your own group boards.

To collaborate with a group board, you have to reach the owner of the group board and ask him/her to send you an invitation.

I recommend you to start with small boards, and try to reach owners of boards with more than 50.000 followers once you have spent more time on Pinterest and have learnt how to use the platform correctly.


13.- Use a tool like Tailwind to schedule your post.

Follow this guide to learn How to Use Tailwind to increase your traffic on Pinterest.

You are all set and ready to go! Enjoy using Pinterest and seeing how your website visits

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