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Project Description

Marlborough Food and Wine Festival

This proposal is not a real project; it is a piece of work used for assessment during the Full Immerse Digital Marketing Course at General Assembly Sydney.
The strategy was planned for academic purposes, and the organisation of Marlborough Wine and Festival wasn’t involved in the process.

The data and insight used in the project have been found from external sources.

Logo circle portfolio Irene JimLaz


Logo circle portfolio Irene JimLaz

Marlborough Food and Wine Festival is an annual event attracting international visitors to the Marlborough region for a week long celebration of the local gastronomy. The program includes over 50 events held throughout the region, and over 100 NZ businesses participate each year including wineries, restaurants, producers, lifestyle brands and organizations representing the tourism and hospitality industry.

Festival Date: 11 – 19 February 2019

We helped them promoting the event through the Festival’s overall marketing strategy including Social Media channels, Media Planning and Mobile.

This is a student project made using the Marlborough Food and Wine Festival as an example, but I wasn´t hired by the company to develop the social media strategy. The project was made as an assessment for the full immerse Digital Marketing Course at General Assembly Sydney. 


Logo circle portfolio Irene JimLaz
  • Demonstrated understanding of event objectives, social goals and audience

  • Multi-pronged, multi-channel social media strategy

  • Appropriate KPIs and measurement plan to track success

  • Data and audience insights to validate decisions and demonstrate how your strategy will meet the client’s goals

  • Execution plan detailing timeline and budget breakdown

  • Campaign setup on chosen platforms and examples of creative and targeting

  • Convincing agency pitch to a client audience

Social Media Strategy
Paid Social Media
Mobile Marketing


Logo circle portfolio Irene JimLaz
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